About Dr. Benor

blog-image2While my unique expertise is personal spiritual awareness and healing, my principal work is through wholistic healing for body, emotions, mind, relationships and spirit. I teach WHEE, a potent self-healing method, for children and adults with physical and psychological pains, stress, cravings and other issues.

My bio reflects my ongoing search for ways to peel the onion of life’s resistances, to reach the gnowing (the inner knowing of truth which has the feel of rightness) that we are all cells in the body of the Infinite Source.

Daniel J. Benor, MD, ABIHM, is a wholistic psychiatric psychotherapist who blends in his therapy elements from intuitive and spiritual awareness, spiritual healing (as in Therapeutic Touch and Reiki), WHEE – Wholistic Hybrid derived from EMDR and EFT (AKA: TWR –  Transformative Wholistic Reintegration), transactional analysis, gestalt therapy, meditation, imagery and relaxation, dream analysis, and other approaches. Dr. Benor has taught these methods internationally for 35 years to people involved in wholistic, intuitive, and spiritual approaches to caring, health and personal development.

Dr. Benor is the author of Healing Research, Volumes I-III and many articles on wholistic, spiritual healing. He is Editor of the peer reviewed International Journal of Healing and Caring www.ijhc.org and moderator of www.WholisticHealingResearch.com, a major informational site on personal spiritual awareness, healing and CAM research.

He appears internationally on radio and TV. He is a Founding Diplomat of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, Founder of the Council for Healing, and for many years on advisory boards of the journals, Alternative Therapies, Subtle Energies (ISSSEEM), Frontier Sciences, the Advisory Council of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychotherapy (ACEP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and the Advisory Board of the Research Council for Complementary Medicine (UK).

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